Take a Look at Razer’s Gaming Laptop, Has Not One But Three 4K Screens

CES 2017 saw consumer electronics giant; Samsung Corp. launch its first gaming laptop – they called Samsung Notebook Odyssey – in 17-inch and 15-inch models. Looks like they’re being challenged, California-based Gaming PC makers; Razer Inc. has also unveiled a concept laptop with three 4K 17-inch (43 cm) screens dubbed Project Valerie, at the showcase. Two additional screens slide out from the central display via an automatic mechanism.

BBC News who report this, say the firm claims Project Valerie is the world’s first portable laptop of its kind. The firm further adds that Project Valerie is comparable to many standard gaming laptops, which tend to be chunkier than home and office devices.

One analyst praised the design, noting that gamers were increasingly splashing out on high-end laptops.

Project Valerie is still a prototype and Razer has not yet published a possible release date or price.

Project Valerie and Samsung’s  Notebook Odyssey were just some of several gaming laptops shown off at CES. Computer maker Acer also unveiled a large, 21-inch model called the Predator 21X, which costs $8,999.[related-posts]

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