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Editors Pick: Awesome Tech Gadgets Worth Buying

In this era, we look to own some cool looking gadgets, from having the latest smartphones to VR Headsets, Bluetooth headsets and speakers to laptops to DSLR cameras to tripods, and so forth. Some have reached an extent of not knowing what to have. We’ve listed a few tech-gadgets that are worth buying via the Kilimall Uganda store. Not expensive and not bad.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Polarized Sport Sunglasses Headset Headphone
Priced at 102,000 UGX, this gadget is totally awesome to everyone, most especially the sports men and women. There are various gadgets sports men and women can use, but on our Editor’s pick, we decided to go with the Sport Sunglasses Headset Headphone. The gadget doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for sports only, you can as well use it when you are driving, riding you bike, taking a walk, or mountain climbing.

It helps protect your eyes from strong sunlight, and at the same time it can connect to you phone; so your in position to take your calls, or listen to your beautiful songs, leaving you to concentrate on whatever you might be doing at the moment.

It can be fully used for around 4 hours when it’s fully charged, voice control, low power prompt, fast keys like volume buttons, answer & reject buttons, and so forth.

This sort of gadget is efficient, and convenient with a Smart Voice Control.

2. The Infinix HOT 4 Lite
Last year a head of Kilimall Uganda’s Black Friday, the online marketplace partnered with global mobile phone manufacturers; Infinix Mobility to launch Infinix Note 3 and Hot 4 in the Ugandan market, selling them at a discount of 70%, under the campaign that was dubbed #ItsABigDeal.

At PC Tech, we managed to have reviews for the phablets; the Infinix Hot 4 – A Balance between Price and quality, while the Infinix Note 3 phablet was reviewed as big and powerful priced at 519,000 UGX and 359,000 UGX respectively. However, the Infinix firms brings a new phablet to Kilimall Uganda stores, the Inifinix Hot 4 Lite, successor of the Inifinix Hot 4.

The phablet is a mid-range smartphone, and it’s worth buying. The specs qualify for that person who upgrades an entry-level smartphone to a mid-range smartphone. Sporting a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM with an expandable slot of 32GB microSD card, 8MP and 5MP rear & front cameras respectively, all backed on a 4000mAh battery, yes! it’s worth buying, priced at 319,000 UGX.

We shall have the unboxing and the review for you.

3. Water Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth speakers, now is the thing! these days. Looks like everyone at least wants to own one. Lucky enough yuo can get one that has an AM-FM radio. On our editor’s pick; we look at the one of them, one that is water proof and most interestingly, comes with a “Sucker Support Hands-free Calls Function.”

It’s very convenient for you to use; for instance: in your car by sticking it up with it’s suction cup on your dashboard, you can enjoy hands-free phone calls and music in the car, making your driving or trip more elegant and safer. Plus, you can also stick to your smartphone or tablet PC and the speaker can be used as a holder and offer you a nice and comfortable angle to use your devices.

Compatibility for all of devices which have the Bluetooth functionality, it’s priced at 19,000 UGX.

4. 5-in-1 Camera Phone Lens with Kit 198 Degree Fisheye
The camera is one of the most wanted features on the Smartphone. A research done by statista showed that the feature is the fourth most wanted on the smartphone. While many thought it would be the first or second, had it wrong after, the Long battery resistant feature topped the most wanted features of a smartphone.

Putting this research aside, when you are addicted to photography, you would really want to enhance your skills, having quality pics taken by your phone. Taking far-distanced pictures, and come out blur. Well! you can get yourself an APEXEL APL – DG5 5 in 1 Camera Phone Lens Kit 198 Degree Fisheye. Own this, you have cool looking pictures taken by your smartphone that you also wouldn’t believe.

The Kit comes with a Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Macro Lens, Telephoto Lens, and CPL Lens. With the Fisheye Lens, you can see the image with the range of more than 180 degrees from the right to left on your phone, have a distinctly fishy look. With wide angle lens, you’re able to conquer what was once too large a scene to capture. With the macro lens, can be taken picture of a tiny object clearly in the details, and so forth.

Priced at 42,000 UGX, you can own this and have perfectly taken photos.

5. Wired Desktop Portable Sub-woofer Speaker
Bring the club to your home/office. The portable sub-woofer speaker has seven color LED lights that make listening to music more fun. Makes you enjoy 360 degrees of excellent sound quality while cracking your body with some appreciation for the innovators.

The speaker features; a Shock Bass, High-tech Anti-jamming Technology, USB Charge compatible with 3.5mm audio interface of all devices. It’s easy to use with a wide range of apps, and has a multiple power supply mode.

Reach for one at only 38,000 UGX.

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