Online Shopping in Uganda: Local vs Foreign-based stores

Kilimall Uganda login page displayed on a computer. Photo Taken by: Nathan Ernest Olupot Kilimall Uganda login page displayed on a computer. Photo Taken by: Nathan Ernest Olupot
Kilimall Uganda login page displayed on a computer. Photo Taken by: Nathan Ernest Olupot

Online shopping has a number of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to leave your house. You can shop anytime you want because online stores are always open. You can also do thorough research, read customer reviews and objective product tests, compare prices and door deliveries.

However, with too much competition, you may fail to choose where to shop online. However, the difference come in prices, time of delivery, additional prices and a few other factors.

In an interview, PC Tech had with the Managing Director at Kilimall Uganda; Mr. Wang Chengyang, our reporter asked how Kilimall is handling “Distrust” since it’s a common challenge with African shoppers


In his reply, Mr. Wang said Kilimall is a B2C platform, all the sellers are big brands, and the company cooperates with them and the media houses to setup campaigns to let their customers know who they are, what they do, and which products they can provide.

So we have done a quick comparison of online shopping on Kilimall versus doing it on other international online shopping brands:

Water Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker
The speaker brings enhanced HD music experience with Full Spectrum Coverage, Crispy High Note, Crystal Clear Mid-range and Balanced Bass. Adding on it’s features is it being water resistant that increases mobility and usability either Indoor or Outdoor; Such as showers, Bathroom, Car, Office, and so forth. It also has a high efficiency and an advanced Bluetooth technology compatible to Bluetooth-enabled devices Such as Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Mp3 Player.

You would love to own one, buying it from Kilimall Uganda would be much cheaper than buying it from It’s priced at UGX 29,040 at Kilimall Uganda, and $19.59 (approx. UGX 71,000 shipping fee inclusive) via

Buying from won’t be a problem that’s only if you have someone who is bringing the gadget to you, other than that, doesn’t ship products to Uganda, and if it did, on the $19.59 you ought to pay doesn’t include shipping fees. As for Kilimall, it’s home so order and have it delivered to your door step within 24 hours.[related-posts]

VR BOX Version Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses
Sitting, Standing, or Lying down, this VR 3D Video Headset are convenient to use anytime anywhere. They are made of ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed, and can only be used by one person at a time. The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so that it suits for people with different visions.

Suitable for handsets that range between 4.7 – 6 Inch-screens, the VR headset is can be purchased at UGX 55,440 via Kilimall Uganda, have it delivered to you. While the same headset is priced $19.98 (approx. UGX 72,000) via FREE SHIPPING if your orders go beyond $49. But however, remember these products can’t be shipped out of the US, you rather have someone coming to Uganda bring them for you or you use another online store that does delivery to Uganda.

APEXEL APL – DG5 5 in 1 Camera Phone Lens Kit
Photography is one thing you ought to love to own a smartphone if you can’t buy a camera. Although many have thought the most loved feature on a smartphone is the camera, well! they have it wrong. Research has shown that the cam feature is the fourth most loved/liked feature on a smartphone, where – longer battery life, shatter proof screen, and water resistant features come in first, second, and third positions respectively, according to Statista.

But that doesn’t stop you from loving the cam feature first. Tech has gone so far to an extent that they have introduced addition camera lens for phones. We’ve been seeing this only on DLSR cameras, and so forth, but smartphones also do have these additional lens, that enhance, and bring/give you nice looking quality pictures.

There different camera phone lens kits, but we notably look at the APEXEL APL DG5 phone lens since they are the same suppliers of Kilimall Uganda and Aliexpress. The kits comes packed with 5 additional camera lens; Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Macro Lens, Telephoto Lens, and CPL Lens

The price via Kilimall Uganda is 42,000 UGX and $10.74 (roughly 39,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive with estimated delivery time between 26 to 47 days via China Post Registered Air Mail via Aliexpress, which is much cheaper but the delivery time is really long, however, other options are via DHL that takes 12-24 days for $44.64 (roughly 161,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive, or EMS that takes 7-15 days $48.59 (roughly 175,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive, if you tend to get the product in time.

Kilimall Uganda has global shippers and some of the products available on some of the famous stores like;, Aliexpress, Ebay, to name a few, can also be found on Kilimall Uganda. Why go through all that hustle and yet you can buy the same products here at Kilimall Uganda. With also their 7-day free return policy, it’s easier to follow up than buying the products outside the boarders of Uganda where follow-ups might be a bit hard and tricky for you.