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Government Can Only Support Organized Innovators – ICT Ministry Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance, Vincent Waiswa Bagiire has revealed that the government is willing to support innovators if their projects are well organized.

“We want to support innovators but they should be organized, that’s why we need a thorough process analysis before one starts to do anything,” he said.

Bagiire was Friday visiting the Ronald Katamba headed Afrosoft IT Solutions, an ICT innovations and incubation hub in Kampala.

Known for internship trainings to University students and students from other tertiary institutions, Afrosoft has recently grown into an ICT innovations and incubation hub, producing some of the world’s most celebrated web and mobile applications.

During his visit, Bagiire got an opportunity to tour around as innovators showcased their projects which included a digital payment system, an automated Antenatal care system, Livestock management systems among other projects.

Officials from the Ministry of ICT look on as Afrosoft innovators pitch their innovations.

During his presentation, Afrosoft boss Ronald Katamba explained to the Permanent Secretary about the mode of action and the practicability of his award winning application, Jaguza Livestock app.

Jaguza Livestock App is a system used to monitor and diagnose early stages of diseases in animals, using sensor technology, and locate the whereabouts of animals in a given area using GPS systems and a solar Powered receiver.

According to Katamba, the app can be used online and offline.

While online, notifications are received via the app although there is an SMS option for offline users.

The app has scooped a number of local and international awards, the latest being in 2016 where it was named best e-agriculture for young ICT Innovation at the Common Wealth Telecommunication Awards.

Bagiire emphasized that innovators need to identify specific problems in society and develop projects based on them, rather than developing first and looking for applicability after.

A prototype of an automated device used to check Urinary Tract Infections and provide Antenatal Care.

“For one to develop a solution, they need to identify a particular problem in society such that their apps are demand driven,” he said.

“Gather information from people who are affected by the particular problem you want to solve and that should guide you as you develop. We need to see protection and value for the would be users of your innovation.”

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