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Awesome Office 365 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Office Experience

Do you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription? Planning to get one soon? If you’re looking for ways to make the most out of it, then we have some tips to impart. No these are not hidden hacks, but they’re a bit concealed especially if you’re not a fan of reading change logs or exploring the new interface.

Remote and collaborative editing. Office 365 allows you and your colleagues to edit the same document at the same time. The real-time co-authoring function lets you work together on the web, a tablet, mobile device, and of course, your desktop PC, as long as you are connected. Collaboration has never been this easy. Say goodbye to email attachments, all you need to do is connect and work on the same document together.

Powered up Presentations. Some people prefer Prezi over PowerPoint in that it can do something PowerPoint can – side-scrolling presentation. No more. The Office 365 version of Microsoft has an advanced presentation style with Sway and Morph for digital storytelling for work, school or home. The app and feature make it quick and easy to make and share interactive reports personal stories, presentations, and more.

Concert scribbles into text and drawings. Did you know that when you scribble handwritten note onto OneNote on a device that supports electric ink like Samsung Galaxy Note, you can quickly convert the notes into text? Using the lasso tool, you can also fix and guesses that OneNote gets wrong.

No more attaching, only linking. If your company is using a business edition of Office 465, then one quick trick for you to use when sharing a file is to upload your file to Office 365’s cloud storage and launch the cloud version of Outlook. Next, instead of attaching the file, link the file on your cloud. Outlook automatically grants edit permission to people you are emailing, plus you can change their permissions too.

Turning notes into calendar events. Using OneNote to write to-do list can also let you quickly convert into tasks with reminders and deadlines on your calendar. You can also add details like location, date, topic, attendees then email the meeting notes to your team through the “Email Page” function.

Mistake circumvention. If you’re like most people (like me), you’ve already experienced accidentally hitting reply to all or asking to find attached when nothing is attached. MailTips will intelligently stop this from happening. The tool warns you about these common mistakes.

Put everything in the cloud. With the included 1-terabyte of cloud storage space, you can save all your documents as well as any other file type on your SkyDrive and have it available on your other devices. Heck, I even use mine to store my movies, images, and a lot of album.

Stress-free update. As you know, MS Office regularly adds new features to their products, and with an authenticated Office 365 installed, you don’t need to worry about missing out on any awesome update.

Where do I buy Office 365? You can find many Office 365 retailers online. You can check Harvey Norman for MS Office 365 as they currently offer the 1-year full subscription license for only $89. Take note that only Windows 7 above versions can use the new version of Office.


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