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Periscope’s Integration Within the Twitter App Now Allows You to Create Live Videos

Twitter has launched the ability to create live videos via its Android and iOS apps with the help of Periscope, allowing tweeps to live stream videos through the platform via a single tweet.

How it Works

You must have the Periscope app installed on their smartphone. If you’re to create a new Tweet (the live video in this case), once you press the Tweet Button, you’ll be in position to see three new options for adding media content.

Press the camera option, you’re given three options of adding a photo, video, or start a live video. At this point, if you haven’t downloaded Periscope, Twitter will prompt you to do so.

After signing up on Periscope, head back to Twitter to use the ‘Live Video’ feature.

Once you click on Live Video, you are directed to Periscope to start the live video and also live streamed simultaneously on Twitter as well.

By default, the Tweet will read live on #Periscope, and all the users on your timeline can watch it.

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