Blogging platform Medium now has 60 million unique monthly visitors.

This has been revealed through the released end of year statistics, which reveal a 140 percent increase from the 25 million the company said it had last year.

There were 7.5 million posts penned, which is a 295 percent increase. The stats show that 4.5 million hours a month are spent reading content on the platform, with more that 140,000 stories being posted each week, which is an 86 percent yearly increase.

When it comes to the countries with the biggest visitors, The U.S. comes top followed by Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.

When it comes to topics, the most written about topic was politics, followed by sports, Donald Trump, startups, technology, the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, entrepreneurship, design, and life lessons.

The top story of 2016 on the platform was about Brexit and Trump.