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Q&A – Huawei Y6 II With Jean Baguma

1. Huawei recently released its latest Y-Series entrant, The Huawei Y6II. What makes the Huawei Y6II unique?
The Huawei Y6II is the only smartphone within its range at the moment with unbeatable cut throat lightning speed in Uganda.

The Huawei Y6II’s Kirin 620, 1.2GHz processor coupled with the lightning fast 64-bit octa-core allows multiple apps to be open simultaneously without sacrificing speed, power or performance. Its ARM micro-processor technology has ultra-high efficiency for longer battery life. The 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory expandable to 128GB via micro SD card also gives users more capacity, lower power consumption, faster speed and longer use than any smartphone currently in the market.

Basically, the Huawei Y6II is all about speed.

2. Besides the ‘unbeatable cut-throat lightning speed,’ what more does the Huawei Y6II offer its users?
The Huawei Y6II handset has a wide 5.5 inch display, 13MP and 8MP cameras, octa-core processors and an elegant design body style. It also boasts of a larger dynamic 1280×720 resolution display which is crystal clear and rivals existing top digital screens. The durable GFF transparent lamination protects the display from scratches to ensure long-lasting brightness. The Huawei Y6II also has customized round curves designed for easy one-handed use.

The Huawei Y6II has a built-in phone manager that monitors power consumption for extended battery life, and cleans and optimizes the devices Operating System, while the App Lock and Do Not Disturb functions protect user privacy.

The Huawei Y6II also has an Auto- Face enhancement and make-up mode which puts the user’s best face forward with its 10-level face enhancement option.

3. Who is the target customer for the Huawei Y6II?
The Huawei Y6II, with its premium features is targeted to the mid-range customer that is looking at having a wider smartphone screen, better camera and more features at an affordable price.

4. How much does the Huawei Y6II cost on the market in Uganda?
The Huawei Y6II is selling at an unbeatable Recommended Retail Price of 655,600 Ushs

Marketing Manager at Huawei Uganda; Jean Baguma during the unveiling of the Huawei Y6 II at their office, Rwenzori Towers.
Marketing Manager at Huawei Uganda; Jean Baguma during the unveiling of the Huawei Y6 II at their office, Rwenzori Towers.

5. Where can one purchase the Huawei Y6II phone from in Uganda?
The Huawei Y6II can be bought from any Huawei-affiliated dealer shops countrywide to include Nile Communications, Ssimba Telecom, Go Phones, Nile Communication, Fone Express, Praise Communication and’

6. Besides the Huawei Y6II, what other phones does Huawei have in store for its customers?
Huawei has a range of phone products and currently, we have an ongoing mega-discount promotion of up to 20% on Huawei smartphones across the country. The discounted phones include;

  • Y-series: Y336, Y520, Y6, Y6 Pro, Y625, Y3 II, Y5 II, Y3 Lite,
  • G series : GR3, GR5, G8
  • P series: P7, P8, P9, P9 Lite
  • Mate series: Mate S, Mate 7, Mate 8

7. Huawei became the world’s 3rd largest mobile smartphone manufacturer in 2012, what has been Huawei’s key to success and where does the brand see itself in the future?
In 2012, Huawei became the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer and was the first Chinese company to sell more than 100 million mobile phones in one year – 2015, with products and services available in more than 170 countries. Huawei’s key to success has been its continuous Research &Development and introducing disruptive products which are of greater quality for a reasonable price. Huawei currently only produces smartphones and envisages that by 2021, it shall be the leading global smartphone producer.[related-posts]

8. Today more Ugandans are turning to smartphones rather than laptops and computers. How is Huawei ready for this shift in a market like Uganda?
Huawei understands the dynamics of the Ugandan market where the majority of phone users lay within the middle to low income market segment. This coupled with Huawei’s ability to build first-class software meant to run on simple and cheaper hardware has enabled us to give our customers in Uganda premium smartphones that are affordable.

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