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MTN Uganda celebrates it’s 18th birthday today with amazing achievements

MTN Uganda celebrates it's 18th birthday today, since 21st October, 1998. Image Credit: MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda celebrates it's 18th birthday today, since 21st October, 1998. Image Credit: MTN Uganda

MTN will be celebrating 18 years of it’s existence as a multi-telecom company in Uganda today since it was officially launched on 21st October, 1998.

In its 18 years of existence, the company used it’s slogan “Everywhere you go” has done more than a lot to the now-and-then population of Uganda, from it’s mobile technologies 2G, 3G, and 4G-LTE to Fixed Lines to Fiber solutions to creating employment opportunities to the people

As it stands, MTN is the largest telecom company in Uganda, with 8.9 million subscribers as of December 2015.

We look back at some of the things MTN Uganda has accomplished in it’s 18 years of existence

Mobile Money

MTN Uganda introduced its mobile telephone-based banking product Mobile Money in 2009, and as of March 2015, the company had controlled 80% of the mobile money market in Uganda.

Gaggawala “Win a Kiosk” promotion

MTN Uganda launched its dubbed ‘MTN Gaggawala Win a Kiosk promotion’ in March and then re-launched the promotion on April 18th, 2016 with over forty Mobile Money Kiosks lined up for it’s lucky winners with a start-up capital worth over 480 million UGX, and more life changing prizes. The company’s move aimed at creating an enabling environment for ordinary people to start business and become SMEs, where over 100 winners were crowned winners in the promotion.

MTN MoKash

On August 9th, 2016, MTN Uganda offically launched the highly anticipated Mobile Money savings and loans product, dubbed MoKash. In less than 48 hours, the service had already registered a stunning 83,000 customers.

MoKash is a mobile money loans and saving product to bring the un-banked members of the public into the financial services loop. MTN Mobile Money customers can save from as little as 50 UGX on their mobile money savings accounts while earning interest of 2% to 5%, while users can borrow from 3,000 to 1 million UGX at a rate of 9% facility fee with a validity period of 30 days.

Kampala MTN marathons

For the past seven (7) years, MTN Uganda, has been organizing marathons, collecting money to help the community, with help from it’s partners; KCCA, Huawei, New Vision, Stanbic Bank, and Rwenzori Waters. MTN and it’s partners have been able to; develop a water project benefiting 25,000 people in Lamwo District, in northern Uganda (2010), provide clean and safe water to Bududa (2012), assist the people who were displaced by landslides in Bududa (2013), provide safe and clean water to the people of Karamoja (2014), sustainable sanitation and safe water for vulnerable urban children in public schools in Kampala (2015).

MTN Women In Business Awards 

The fourth edition of Women in Business Awards was to recognize, award, and celebrate the efforts and spirit of excellence that is demonstrated by outstanding women that have harnessed technology/ICT and  talent to grow their businesses and consequently have stood out as drivers of positive change in our communities, under the theme “Women in Business: Using Technology to manage their businesses.” Amongest women included; Doreen Amia; Sashya Company, Immaculate Apolot; Invest Enterprises, Auma Florence; Mutual Points, Charity Asasira, Willy & Company Cash Point Limited, Christine Asenzea, Cristella Enterprises Ltd, to name few.

MTN Innovation Awards

The MTN Innovation Awards by the company recognize the most outstanding locally developed mobile and desktop applications. The awards also recognized individuals and organisations that have been at the forefront of enabling the innovation ecosystem in the country. The awards recognized the best applications in eight categories; health, education, financial services, SME solutions, enterprise development with three special categories that awarded the outstanding woman in innovation, most innovative app and the achiever of the year.

The winners were announced at the invite-only Awards gala on Friday 13th November at Kampala Serena Hotel.

MTN Uganda with it’s competitors Airtel, Africell, UTL, K2, Smart Telecom, Vodafone, you name it, has achieved a lot that we can’t name all of them here, but it’s still doing it’s best to stay on top as the leading telecom company in Uganda.

Happy 18th birthday to you MTN Uganda.

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