Gaming on the Rise Amongst Seniors

Just when you thought you had the generations down and knew who was doing what, how and when, those boomers once again stepped to the front and centre, shocking the world in a single swoop. Gaming is on the rise amongst seniors, much to the dismay of millennials who thought they had a corner on the market.

With the latest statistics being released and analysed by such organisations as Major League Gaming, there is no doubt that seniors are soon to be a force to contend with in the gaming world.

The Biggest Question of All – Why?
Perhaps the biggest question of all when presented with the fact that an amazing 27% of gamers are seniors, is why? Why are seniors now said to be an amazing 27% of all those playing online games with figures set to continue rising by the year. In fact, not only are seniors taking a bigger chunk out of the gaming world they are beginning to organise as well!

Can you imagine going up against the (USA) National Senior Wii Bowling League? Of course, you wouldn’t because you are probably way, way too young to be a member but this is just the beginning. The League now sports (no pun intended) the following stats:

  • 1,500 senior players/bowlers.
  • 310 teams.
  • Representing 26 states to date.
  • More than 100 communities involved.

For a new organisation, that’s amazing and for that organisation to be senior gamers, that’s almost off the charts! But the question remains, why? Why are large numbers of seniors gaming online? The consensus is time. Seniors who are retired now have more time on their hands than ever before and gaming is a fun way to spend it. It’s a social time when chatting with others playing the same game and it’s a way to fill the hours that were once spent earning a living.

Now then, talk about online gaming like bingo and there isn’t an age group that can compete. Or is there? Studies show that from middle age children to almost-centennials, online bingo is enjoyed by all.

Move Over Seniors – Middle Earners Are Multiplying the Odds
Even whilst the number of seniors gaming online is growing, there is also that middle income, typically middle age, group of consumers that are beginning to be a force to contend with.

According to the Independent as reported just three years ago, Tony Blair’s 2005 government changes in regards to online gambling began a new surge of online gaming and the numbers continue to grow. Still, to date, seniors are by far the quickest growing group per capita probably because, as noted above, they simply have more time on their hands.

One scientific study coming from ­Computers in Human Behavior found that more than 60% of the older adults being sampled were actively playing online games. Middle age, middle earners will need to go some way to catch up to that statistic, but it does tend to present some kind of challenge which this ‘younger’ demographic just might rise to! Time will tell.

There is no doubt that gaming is on the rise amongst seniors as study after study from countries around the world indicate that this older crowd is finally catching up to the digital age. From increasing daily exercise with Pokémon GO to playing board games online for prizes and companionship, the world is seeing a surge of seniors vying for those coveted monetary prizes as well as the recognition the awards provide.

With so many years of hard work behind them, seniors deserve to game!


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