Ericsson Looks at 5G as the Next Big Thing in Mobile Technology

Next generation 5G mobile technology is seen as an innovation engine by executives in key industries, a report by Swedish communication technology firm, Ericsson Corp. said on Tuesday.

Ericsson’s report captured the opinions of more than 650 executives globally from the eight key industries most likely to be impacted by 5G automotive, utilities, public safety, high-tech manufacturing, Internet/digital natives, healthcare, financial services and media/gaming.

A majority of these decision-makers depend on and actively invest in communications technology to help drive innovation, noted the report titled “Opportunities in 5G: The view from eight industries”.

“With 5G, industries will have connectivity that is customized for their requirements and the agility to move quickly to meet customer needs and be innovative,” said Rima Qureshi, chief strategy officer, Ericsson in a statement.

The connected car is the major trend in the auto industry. While many are looking ahead to self-driving systems, enhanced GPS with instant traffic and map updates is the most favoured use for 5G globally.

Public safety organisations expect 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help keep citizens safe.

The financial services industry expects 5G to boost real-time mobile trading and high frequency trading.

Media and gaming executives place the highest priority on delighting their audiences and holding their attention.

A significant majority highlighted live personal 360 view broadcasting and fixed wireless broadband as additional developments expected from 5G.

Source: TimesOfIndia


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