Since its arrival on African shores, TECNO has been able to steadily grow its customer base and product quality through a strong internal culture of research and implementation of market insights. This has radically upgraded the brand’s value offerings and transformed its consumer perception.

Now TECNO prides itself as one of Africa’s most customer-centric mobile brands with burgeoning consumer appeal, brand positioning and market share across the sub-Saharan region.

“Experience More” not just a slogan

The leaps and bounds made by the TECNO brand over the last decade have been largely guided by the corporate outlook of the brand which is “consumer satisfaction above everything else.”In 2006, TECNO stunned Africa’s GSM market when it launched the market’s first dual SIM mobile, the T-780 and changed mobile telephony in the continent.

TECNO awarded “most popular phone brand”; GITTA May 2016 on the heels of Phantom5 launch in 2015
TECNO awarded “most popular phone brand”; GITTA May 2016 on the heels of Phantom5 launch in 2015

Building on past gains

The years that followed the launch of T-780 in markets across Africa have seen TECNO achieve commendable milestones, particularly with regards to the growing adoption of its high-end Phantom series in markets like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

“What we have seen in three years of studying TECNO Phantom series growth in markets across African continent is that, the brand (TECNO Phantom series) enjoy impressive market acceptance following every launch in the different markets,” says Tech analyst, Jimmy Wang.

A good indicator of TECNO Phantom success in African markets is the TECNO brand’s three year consecutive award nominations in both Ghana and Nigeria markets, each award given on the heels of a TECNO Phantom released in these markets.

“TECNO Phantom series is arguably the most customer-centric phone brand in the market. The high-end product line has won TECNO brand four national awards counting from 2014 including the international Quality Crown awards in London,” reiterated the analyst.

A new Phantom is coming

With the last quarter of 2016 drawing ever closer, words are making the rounds about the soon to drop TECNO Phantom and most analysts are keen to see what the new Phantom brings to the table.