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Sports’ betting in Africa is growing with each passing day. In the past horse racing and traditional national games were the predominant offer for betting, and African players could only dream of playing for real money online casino blackjack like for example Australian and New Zealand gamblers did at the Top NZ Casinos.

Nowadays however, almost all sports and casino games are on offer for betting enthusiasts and internationally renowned sportsbooks such as Bwin and BetVictor have entered the gambling market making it similar to the developed betting industry in the rest of the world.

In this article we will focus on the three most popular sportsbooks which cater to the African player and offer him a top of the line customer service and top notch conditions for greatly increasing his deposit.

BetVictor, has become a household name amongst betting aficionados in Africa. The world renowned betting company offers anything from soccer, American football and boxing to horse racing and motorcycling.

They have one of the best mobile applications for online betting and their Live Action Service in which betting enthusiasts get instant notifications of all live sports matches around the globe are just some of the features that make BetVictor standout amongst the competition.

Bwin Sports
Bwin Sports is anothersports book provider which serves more than 1 million players worldwide and a considerable number of those players is from Africa. The betting giant started operating in 1998 with only a few games, but now offers more than ten times the original number of games with which they started 17 years ago.


Hockey, Formula 1, Baseball, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice, Rugby Union, Rugby League, American Football and various other sports can be accessed through their user friendly site. When players first join, they are given a first deposit bonus worth 100% or up to € 50, which for some players is serious money.

Unibet is another sportsbook provider which is very popular with African betting enthusiasts. It is also one of the rare sports’ betting sites which uses its own software. They offer all the standard sports and one of their main features is their Live In-Game Betting, which allows players to bet on live events.


Unibet also offers E-sports gambling in its sports book which is one of the main reasons why the Unibet Sportsbook has been chosen as the ‘European Sports-Betting Operator of the year’ twice in the last three years.


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