Developers of photo-editing app that transform images into an artistic effect, Prisma, have added the much-requested offline functionality to the extremely popular photo-filter app.

With its Prisma newer version 2.4 on iOS, which is already available on App Store, the app is now capable of turning your photos into art pieces offline and as expected, the processing of images will be much quicker than before. Android users of the app will also be getting the offline functionality “very soon”.

Some online reports have already reported that the app has became much faster in processing images and retrieving them from the server.

No contact with servers for application of art filters for images implies data savings, saves time waiting for overloaded servers, and, gives the added benefit of privacy to the app users.

According to The Next Web, the servers will now be used for processing videos. Prisma developers for a long time said they’re working on a video-filter option for the app and as the servers are free from the image-processing, they will be able to take on the ardent task of rendering the videos from here on.