Do you love streaming music and movies? How about reading e-books on your tablet or listening to audiobooks while running errands? If so, Playster is here to satisfy your every entertainment need by bringing all of these forms of media together in one affordable streaming service. That’s right: Millions of films, songs, books and games are all united for your enjoyment and can be accessed via the Web or through Playster’s custom app.

With its extensive library, Playster delivers an unrivaled level of enjoyment. Unlimited access to their full catalog means the entertainment never ends and, at just $24.95 per month (roughly 85,000 UGX), the service is the perfect addition to any family.

Anything you might be looking for can be easily accessed by searching for a particular title, author, musician, etc. or via Playster’s unique playlist system, which categorizes everything into a variety of playlists and moods, each of which features carefully chosen titles. And it gets even better: Thanks to Playster’s Profiles feature, all of your preferences and saved content will be left untouched and unaltered, even if you share your account!

Audiobooks are just the thing when you want to escape to another world and forget all about the fast-paced, frantic world we live in. From classics to newly released best sellers in all genres, Playster has something for every book lover, whether they love non-fiction, fantasy, YA or beyond. Plus, new books are added regularly, the same day they’re released in bookstores.

In addition to their extensive selection of books and audiobooks, Playster also offers an impressive collection of timeless classics and documentaries, as well as music for every taste and member of your family.

Got a penchant for gaming? Unleash your inner gamer with a wide variety of addictive games. From retro hits to puzzles and vintage arcade titles, Playster is just the thing for casual gamers looking to pass the time on their daily commute, while relaxing at home or at any other time.

When it comes to content, Playster does not cut corners and they always strive to offer the highest level of quality entertainment.

Connecting with users on Facebook and other social media platforms will convince anyone unsure about what’s on offer here — the evidence is overwhelming and yes, Playster has something for everyone. Especially when it comes to their book and audiobook offering. Playster is the only service on the market that lets users enjoy truly unlimited streaming with absolutely no limits or hidden fees.

Never before has a service provided for so many lifestyles. We all have distinct and unique tastes, we all want something different and Playster is here to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. That means you no longer have to suffer through watching ‘90s TV dramas if your loved one is hogging the television.

Playster gives users the freedom to enjoy what they want, when they want, wherever they want. A Playster subscription coupled with any Internet-enabled device is the answer to taking your entertainment experience to a new level.