LinkedIn Introduces 30-Second Videos from Influencers

LinkedIn has  announced  that more than 500 invited influencers can now create and post 30-second videos.Jonathan (Jasper) Sherman-Presser, who works on media technology and product strategy for the professional network, said in a blog post that those influencers will discuss topics including diversity, workplace culture, education and innovation.

“Today your LinkedIn Feed will come to life in a whole new way with the introduction of 30-second videos from LinkedIn Influencers. For the first time, we’ve invited more than 500 Influencers on LinkedIn to share their thoughts on trending professional topics and news, ranging from diversity and workplace culture, to education and innovation — all through the richness of video. “he wrote.

When a LinkedIn influencer you follow posts a video, that video will appear directly in your feed, and you will be able to comment on it, or respond to comments from other members




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