We thought today we would make a little battle of social media platforms in Uganda and we thought of Facebook and WhatsApp. Who is big? Who has a lot of users?….

What we first need to know is Facebook has more users than WhatsApp globally, and there’s no doubt on that. Last we heard is Facebook has 1.65 billion users while WhatsApp has 900 million users.

Facebook is the most used social networking platform in Uganda. Nationally used by celebrities, musicians, comedians, politicians, organizations, and the rest of us [Hahah!].

We don’t need a smartphone to access Facebook, as long as you’ve a phone that connects to any kind of internet connections, then you’re online. This is a big advantage for Facebook compared to the rest of the platforms that require you to have a smartphone.

According to Africa Internet stats, Uganda has 1.8 million Facebook subscribers as of Nov 15th, 2015, 4.9% penetration rate.

Now here comes WhatsApp, first of all WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, plus it also owns the photo-sharing social networking platform, Instagram. So I guess Facebook is much bigger than you thought. They have some of the leading platforms in the world.

The advantage of using WhatsApp is that, it does not require logins compared to Facebook, where one has to enter their login details. Okay! we shall say, WhatsApp wins on this! Most Ugandans especially the “youth” are using WhatsApp because it’s fast, time saving and convenient. You can communicate to over 200 users with just a single message, all you do is create a group of up to 256 members.

But the fact still remains, One needs a smartphone to use WhatsApp, period. No questions asked. So you with a “feature phone” forget WhatsApp.

In conclusion, Ugandans are using Facebook more than any other social media platform.

Winner: Facebook

Congratulations Facebook..!!


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