Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin and producer J.J. Abrams have confirmed that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has a role in the movie.

Bezos plays an alien featured in the background of a specific scene.

According to Lin, Bezos “was awesome.”

“It was like a president was visiting, you know? He had a big entourage! But it didn’t matter because he was so into it. He had to wait around all day because it was one day we were shooting, like, three different scenes and, it was also credit to Jeff because… he just nailed it every time.”

If any of this makes you angry or jealous, all I can tell you is that obscene wealth still doesn’t necessarily buy people knowing who the hell you are:

Chris Pine, who stars in Star Trek Beyond as Capt. James T. Kirk said Bezos had like nine bodyguards and three limos.

“I had no idea who he was. Not a clue. But he was obviously very important.”

Via iO9