KFC garnered a lot of accolades for its recently launched 5-in-1 Meal Box. And the fast-food chain has now introduced an all new ‘gadgety’ variant of the same box.

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, CMO at KFC India told Times Of India, “We launched the 5-in-1 Meal Box in March this year with the objective of providing an abundant complete meal and at an affordable price for our customers.”

“With the launch of Watt a Box, we have gone a step ahead and also introduced an element of utility into the box. Each one of us spends a considerable time on our smartphones daily, and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt a Box around.”

The ‘Watt a Box’ has a compartment for food, a built-in power bank and leads for plugging in your phone so you can charge it while you enjoy your meal.

Unfortunately they won’t be widely available, for the time being. The limited-edition boxes, featuring detachable 6,100mAh Lithium-ion battery, USB cable and Apple lightning cable, are being offered in a week-long for users who will participate in an online contest on KFC India’s Facebook page and at a handful of outlets in Delhi and Mumbai.