Elon Musk is turning his attention to building a robot which does housework

OpenAI – the artificial-intelligence research nonprofit wants to build a robot for your home.

The Non-profit is co-chaired by Tesla Motors CEO Musk and Y-Combinator President Sam Altman

This was revealed through a blog entry on Monday, saying it is a good way to test and refine a machine’s ability to learn how to perform common tasks.

The plan to do it by taking a current off-the-shelf robot and customizing it to do housework.

OpenAI’s mission is to research on Artificial Intelligence and other machine-learning technologies while making sure that the robots don’t one day go rogue and destroy humanity.

OpenAI which launched in December 2015 and has already secured $1 billion in funding says that its other big ambitions are around chatbots, or “intelligent agents” that can talk to you in plain natural speech.

One of their main goals is to build a chatbot agent that can go beyond simple tasks like looking up movie times or doing simple translation tasks, and up to holding a conversation or truly understanding a document or even the ability to ask clarifying questions if it doesn’t understand something.


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