Uber is going to start using Foursquare data in order to make it easy for drivers to locate some places.

This was revealed through a communication sent out by Foursquare today.

The company announced that they are now supplying Points of Interest (POI) data to Uber, everything from the names and locations of restaurants to local businesses, through a global, multi-year agreement.

Foursquare will enable Uber to customize, improve and increase the breadth of our non-personal POI location data to enhance Uber’s rider and driver experience. Also, these modifications will also be incorporated into Foursquare’s venue database going forward.

Uber joins the likes of Apple, Twitter, Pinterest, Samsung, Microsoft, Yahoo, WeChat and Garmin in relying on Foursquare Places data.

Since about a year ago, Uber has also been integrated in the Foursquare app, making it easy to call an Uber from within Foursquare once you’ve found the place you want to go.