Music streaming now the second most popular mobile phone feature in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to a statement form Tigo, Music streaming is growing rapidly globally and it’s the second most popular mobile phone feature in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tigo Tanzania, which has branded itself as a digital lifestyle brand has partnered with a French based international music streamer Deezer to provide Tanzanians with unlimited music experience that offers access to about 36 million music tracks worldwide.

Though the music has seen unfettered growth in the last decade, the artistes still face challenges such as limited breakthrough and exposure to international market, piracy and many others.

Tigo Tanzania has initiated Tigo Music Platform that seeks, among others, to market local artistes’ work locally and abroad.

Sofar they have supported over 20 Tanzanian artistes through Tigo Music Platform since it was established in January 2015.

Tigo Music was introduced mainly with the purpose of ‘supporting the Music industry of Tanzania by helping local Artists earn more money from Music sales and exposure into the international markets’ through Tigo branded Digital platforms such as Music portals and Deezer, an international web based streaming platforms with over 36million songs all over the world.

Local Artists have freedom to sign directly with Tigo or via our registered third party partners. 


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