Photo Credit: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page

Since Facebook Live became a part of Facebook earlier this year, some people and broadcasters have been making videos.

37-year-old Candace Payne of Texas who late last week appeared in an odd yet charming Facebook live video stream amusing herself by trying on a Chewbacca mask from Kohl’s from the front seat of her car went viral, and currently stands as the most viewed/watched video with 144 million views, 3.2 million shares and 2.5 million likes (and still counting), managing to beat down BuzzFeed video of smashing a watermelon with over 600+ rubber-bands, which received 10 million views.

The video shows Payne unwrapping a box that says “Star Wars,” while hiding the rest from the camera. She is seen laughing and giggling and she can even barely get the words out correctly. However, surprisingly it turns out to be a Chewbacca mask from the “Star Wars” movies.

The Chewbacca mask is not just any mask. It is a special mask that roars when the person wearing it moves their mouth.

On Tuesday, that feat earned Payne a trip to Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, California.

“We invited Candace Payne — whose Chewbacca mask video got 141 million views and is now the most-watched Facebook Live video ever — to come by Facebook HQ today. And we had a fun surprise for her!” Co-Founder and CEO, Facebook Inc., Mark Zuckerberg writes in post.

Payne is seen hanging out with the “Chewbacca” riding bicycles, posing for pictures and taking coffee around the campus.

She has so far made appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden, GMA (Good Morning America) and NPR (National Public Radio). 

The Chewbacca mask has sold out online after the video went super viral.

Many followed the suit and purchased the Hasbro-designed mask, which retails for $44.99. Apparently, it’s sold out in every online retailer, including Kohls, the store from which Payne originally purchased hers for her son, ABC News reports.

Twitter’s Periscope live streaming and even YouTube Live have been around longer, but Facebook’s massive audience and algorithmically driven feed may give it an edge in being able to promote its platform.