Orange Group reports revenue growth for third consecutive quarter

Orange. Photo Credit: XMobile

Frace based Multinational telecoms giant Orange has published its financial results for the three months ended 31 March 2016.

From the report, the telecom shows strong commercial performance trend of the previous quarters.

For the said review period, Orange generated a total turnover of EUR10.009 billion, which is a marginal 0.6% increase year-on-year.

There was a drop in revenues at its units in France (down 0.7%) and Poland (4.2%), which was partly offset by strong growth in Africa and Middle East (up 4.4%).

EBITDA for Q1 2016 stood at EUR2.569 billion, down 1.6% on a comparable basis from EUR2.611 billion in the year-earlier period, with a margin of 25.7% (down from 26.2%).

Capital expenditures in the quarter under review totalled EUR1.457 billion, up 10.4% from EUR1.320 billion a year earlier.

The telecom now has 252.211 million customers worldwide as of March 2016, up from 246.918 million twelve months earlier. Mobile subscribers accounted for 191.049 million of these customer accounts.

Africa and the Middle East contributed a total of 111.864 million, an increase mainly due to growth in Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Botswana and Cameroon. The telecom has continued the development in Africa by becoming an operator in Liberia and consolidating their presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).