“No Sheet”: A Computerized Interactive Tablet With LCD Screen That Displays “Sheet” Music

The No Sheet is a computerized interactive tablet with LCD screen that displays “sheet” music for use by musicians.

The No Sheet device is programed to automatically advance the music as needed as well as provide the appropriate music for the instrument being played. Better yet, users can also write and create their own music using display options. The design intent is to provide musicians of all types of instruments with a more efficient and effective means of managing music while playing.
The No Sheet is generally rectangular in shape and comprised of a grounded LCD or plasma panel on which the sheet music is displayed. The lightweight screen is similar to traditional sheet music sized and displayed on a standard upright music stand.

It has a high resolution digital screen with adjustable font sizes to enable a musician to customize the screen according to their preference and visual needs.

It also has a light source to illuminate the screen in dark environments. There are various other benefits of using No Sheet.

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