Apple’s New And Improved MacBook Unveiled

Apple Inc. on Tuesday released a set of updates to its ultra-thin and light laptop line, including; an extra hour of battery life (11 hours of battery life), newer processors, better graphics card, and faster flash storage, CNN Money Reports.

The 12-inch MacBook comes with the latest 1.1 GHz Intel Core m3 processor and 256 GB of flash storage at a starting price of 1,299 USD (about 4.3million UGX), whereas the one for 1,599 USD (about 5.3million UGX) comes with a faster 1.2 GHz Intel Core m5 processor and 512 GB of flash storage.

The company started selling the new MacBooks via its website starting yesterday and said they will be in Apple’s physical stores and other retail stores on Wednesday.[related-posts]

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