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5 Ways MYMTN App Saves You Time

MyMTN App came to save us from the tedious claws of going through short-codes to access services, that have been way too unpleasant in the near past. The app presents a smarter and useful way to access these services and manage your own account from your smartphone.

Those who have downloaded and are using this app actively can be seen chuckling at the rest that still have to memorize ‘literally tons’ of short-codes for each and every service that they need to access.

The app is available on Play Store, Blackberry or from iTunes.


Here are my top 5 ways on how MyMTN App saves you time:

1. Self Service
You no longer have to leave your desk during your busy office time to go and make long queues at MTN Service Centers waiting to get assistance from the ladies in Yellow uniforms. With MySelfService on the app, you get access to all services that you need from the telecom provider; Mobile Internet plans, Tariff Plan Advisor, Loyalty Points, you name it…

2. Finding the nearest MM agent
Say you’re in a new place and you want to transact using MTN Mobile Money and you’ve no idea which corner to go to to find a Mobile Money kiosk, MyMTN App gives you the option to browse/search for agents that are nearest to your current location.

3. Scheduling payments
With scheduling payments, you’re able to pay for your utilities for future purposes. This saves you from getting disconnected from your DSTV or GOTV. You can set up scheduled payments to have your DSTV Package topped up and paid for on the 1st of every month.


4. Making Merchant Payments
In an era where Sports Betting is the new way of watching the Premier League or La Liga, why should you leave your house to go to an outlet and have your Nike’s stepped on by Boda Boda riders to place your odds yet you can still do it within MyMTN App. It’s easier to pay your merchant (only if they use/are using MTN MM). Select the “Merchant Payment” from the payment options, search for your merchant, fill in the required details and then Pay up.

5. ATM Cash Out
One of my personal favorite. This service offers subscribers the convenience and ease of withdrawing money instantly from ATMs of partner banks anytime, anywhere. No card is required in this process.

A scenario where you have lost your wallet with all your ATM cards in it or have accidentally broken it or it has become too old to be read by the machine (it happens…), that’s when this service becomes an absolute knight in shining armor.

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