Have you heard of the saying that goes that “Too much of anything is bad?” This has once again proved true when it comes to Social Media.

A study done by the California State University in 2011 revealed that kids who spend a lot of time on Facebook are more likely to have low grades.

The study pointed out other observations such as behavioral problems, including teens having “narcissistic tendencies” from being logged on to multiple social media sites.

Other effects include manic and aggressive tendencies.

When it comes to children below 13 years old it was also found to be more likely to have bouts of anxiety, be depressed, have problems sleeping and have tummy aches as well.

According to the researchers, students who were allowed to study for 15 minutes using a computer had the tendency to be off-task every three minutes during the fifteen-minute period and as the minutes passed, the researchers were even more surprised to find that at the eight to ten minute mark, the students would open more new tabs, and those who tried to multitask essentially performed worse academically.

“The more media they consumed per day, the worse students they were.”

With this amount of distractions for kids brought about by technology, parents and educators need to help teach students to balance their time.