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How to Swap Facebook Reactions With Your Reaction Pack

Facebook Inc. is the world most used social media platform with over 1 Billion monthly users. The social media always keeps on innovating and updating its platform to a more standard platform that ensures the users safety, provides entertainment, streaming live videos, to name a few.

With some of their latest features and updates such as: Updating a material design-styled version of Messenger on android, allowing document (PDF Files) sharing in WhatsApp chats and so on, Facebook on Feb, 24 2016 added an extension to its “Like” Button that gives its users a full six emoji’s to express how they feel on comments or statuses, just by hovering on the like button when you’re using a PC or tap and hold the like button when you’re using your mobile phone. The extension has grown so popular that people all over the world are using it now.

However, most people haven’t yet started using it and perhaps they are missing out a lot.

“However, thanks to a developer named Rodney Folz, there is now a more fun way to use Facebook’s emoji Reactions as you can now swap them with Donald Trump faces, Pokemon characters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, or other icons of your own. Folz is calling it a Reaction Packs.” Gadgets 360 reports in a blog.

You can customize your own “Facebook Reactions” by simply uploading your own “Reaction Pack” by just following the guidelines in the website. However, once you comment or like on any post with your new Facebook Reactions, those that haven’t installed the plugin won’t be able to see your customized reaction but will see the regular emoji reactions, only to you and other people who installed the plugin can see your reaction.

Here’s how you can now change those regular inbuilt “Facebook Reactions” with your customized ones:

  1. Open your Web browser and it has to be either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (The plugin is only available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).
  2. Download and install ‘Reaction Packs for Facebook’ plugin for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Go to the Reaction Packs website and choose the pack you want to see on Facebook.
  4. Open your Facebook account in the same browser and hit refresh. Once done, you will then see the new reaction packs on Facebook instead of those original Reaction emoji faces. You can also add your own customized emoji’s.[related-posts]

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