Delete VPN Connections Remotely with VPN Tracker 365

VPN Tracker, the market leading VPN client for Macs, offers more security for remote network data connections when working on the go: Now it’s possible to remotely delete VPN connections (Remote Connection Wipe) with VPN Tracker 365. Administrators gain total control over who may or may not use VPN connections.

Remote Connection Wipe
If an employee leaves the company, or a MacBook goes missing, administrators can prevent unauthorized VPN access by remotely deleting connections from these Macs. This prevents access to corporate VPN connections. VPN Tracker ensures highest security standards by also cleaning up every technical information about your VPN infrastructure.

More Control for More Security
Administrators can manage their users under and define groups with access to specific VPN connections. This makes it easy to give a contractor or consultant temporary access to certain VPN connections. VPN Tracker 365 Remote Connection Wipe is similar to the remote wipe feature offered by Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM) for mobile devices, such as TARMAC.[related-posts]

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