Addressing Africa’s Last Mile Communication Challenge 2016 – LTE or Fibre – What Technology will Drive the Last Mile?

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Addressing Africa’s Last Mile Challenge” report to their offering.

This market insight provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges that Africa is facing in terms of the delivery of communication services to the last mile.

It focuses on the main market features and challenges that create bottlenecks in the telecom network.

Included is a discussion of the key market trends that drive the demand for broadband access and how service providers are responding to industry challenges to meet this demand. The study also highlights the emerging technologies expected to lead fixed line and mobile broadband services in Africa.

Key Findings:

  • Despite the increase in bandwidth following the landing of undersea cables, African countries still struggle to provide broadband access to the wider population.
  • The key challenge for operators and, given their vested interest, governments, is the high cost of extending the reach of fibre in the last mile.
  • A particular challenge is the cost of connecting rural populations, which still constitute the major share of the populace in most African countries.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Definitions and Scope

3. Market Overview

4. Connectivity Market Trends

5. Fibre in the Last Mile

6. Wireless Last Mile

7. Solutions to the Last Mile Challenge

8. Last Mile Strategies

9. The Last Word

10. Appendix

– Breakdown of Submarine Cables in Africa

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