A moment hasn’t been missed this month to talk about the weekend’s holiday celebration of love and lovers. This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, Yaaaay! And while most people don’t believe techies, or geeks if you may, will be interested in celebrating this kind of day, we don’t suppose anyone would turn away a great gift. So If you’re puzzled about what your person who lives in a world of ones and zeros will definitely geek out over, and absolutely love you for, here are a few ideas.

If you’ve been observant of his/her workspace, a mouse could have broken down, space-storage space, they need more and more of space. How about Microsoft‘s cool Arc Touch mouse?

Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse

March into a shop and grab them some really cool ninja flash drives, even a solid hard drive! Yes, they will never have enough storage space!

Cool Ninja Flash Drives (Source: Container Store)

They certainly enjoy the selfies you snap away at each turn without even whining about their 5mp smartphone camera, but make no mistake, they know the good stuff. They appreciate a fantastic gadget, so if you’re not on a budget this weekend, how about you take a look at these beauties for her, for him! 😉

Google’s Nexus 5X is a must-have! (Source: TSA-Algerie)

If you go with clothes, t-shirts perhaps, get a pair or three and make them GOOD!


A good pair of earphones never hurt anyone. We all love them. We don’t want to mention any names but make sure they got some Beats!


And lastly, in an era of smartphones with not-so-smart batteries, she might need this power bank to make it to that impromptu Star Wars date! Have a great weekend!

power bank