Al Jazeera launches new audio service app for low-bandwidth regions

If you have been missing out on news because you were worried about running down your data bundle, you’re in luck because Al Jazeera Media Network has launched a new audio web app that will give you access to a live audio stream of the Al Jazeera TV broadcast.

The service which has been launched today Thursday will help Al Jazeera reach new audiences where low Internet speeds limit access to video. The primary markets being targeted are Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.

Although the focus in the announcement seems to be on low speeds, the cost of internet even in areas where the speed has improved still keeps video content out of reach of many, so this is a welcome development.

Ibrahim Hamid, director of Enterprise and Digital Platforms at Al Jazeera Media Network, says, “The launch of our Al Jazeera audio streaming service will give new audiences the ability to listen to the live broadcast of our English and Arabic channels. This service adds to our commitment of developing compelling digital experiences for those in areas with low-bandwidth Internet connections in markets such as Africa and South-East Asia.”

aljazeera-listenSamir Ibrahim, director of Distribution and Sales expressed his excitement about reaching new audiences with their audio platform where low internet speeds have limited access to video.

“The Al Jazeera brand continues to expand into the digital sphere. At Al Jazeera, we continue to explore new and innovative ways to enhance our content consumption through a variety of ways,” he said.

“This announcement is another opportunity to strengthen our digital footprint and continue in our commitment to bringing access to Al Jazeera content across new platforms.”

The audio service app opens in a smaller popup window and gives you the option to choose language. It also has a schedule so that you can choose to log on and listen to a particular segment at a later time.

You can access the service at


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