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Rachel Bloom is the first YouTube star to win a Golden Globe

Rachel Bloom became the first YouTube star to win a Golden Globe on Sunday for her CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

The comedy, which debuted on The CW in October of 2015, follows a Manhattan lawyer named Rebecca Bunch (Bloom) who impulsively moves across the country to where her old camp boyfriend Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) lives after they have a chance encounter.

In addition to starring on the show, Bloom also serves as executive producer, writer and co-creator.

The 28-year-old actress, whose YouTube channel “Racheldoesstuff” has amassed about 12.4 million views, uploaded her first video — called “F*** Me, Ray Bradbury” — five years ago.

Though Bloom didn’t thank YouTube in her acceptance speech, she did acknowledge the platform was the way she was discovered.

“The next person that I want to thank is my co-creator Aline Brosh MckKenna,” Bloom said. “Aline saw my YouTube videos, and two and a half years later I am standing on stage with a Golden Globe.”

But as Bloom noted in her speech, it wasn’t easy making the jump from online to traditional and despite positive reviews, the show has seen low ratings since launching in the fall. It has yet to be renewed, but with Bloom’s Golden Globe, the show’s chances may increase.

At The CW’s Television Critics Association presentation on Sunday, network president Mark Pedowitz stood by the show.

“I wish I had more optimistic statistics, I wish the numbers were better,” he reportedly said. “But I have a great faith in the show and the showrunner.”



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