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Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to lead worldwide enterprise hardware market

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco and Microsoft continue to lead in the three main data center infrastructure market segments

In the third quarter of 2015, Hewlett Packard Enterprise managed to increase its enterprise hardware market share to 24 percent, according to Synergy Research Group.

The Q3 results pull HP’s new enterprise company well ahead of closest rivals Dell and Cisco.

But Cisco continues its lead in service provider hardware, attributable to its dominance of data centre networking and its expanding server business.


Out of all the data centre infrastructure market leaders in Q3 2015, Microsoft still keeps a massive lead in data centre software market share, holding almost 70 percent of the worldwide market share. This is well ahead VMware, which holds just under 20 percent.

“Data centres are the foundation of cloud services and this has driven annual spending on data centre networking, compute and storage toward the $120 billion (£79.2bn) mark,” said Jeremy Duke, Synergy Research Group’s founder.

“The mass adoption of public cloud services has created the need for widespread deployment of hyperscale data centres and has led to record spending on service provider data centre equipment. While the market dynamics are different for private cloud, it too will drive enormous changes in the investment patterns for enterprise data centre hardware, software, and services.”[related-posts]

Synergy Research said that total third quarter spend on data centre infrastructure, which is made up of enterprise data center hardware, service provider data center hardware and data center software, grew by three percent year on year to reach $29 billion (£19.2bn), with a majority of the growth coming from service provider hardware which grew by over 20 percent.

Other high growth areas came from virtusalisation software, blade servers, and integrated security platforms.

“The largest single product segment is rack servers which account for 34 percent of the total market,” said Synergy Research.

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