8 Tips For Safe and Secure Online Banking

The growing uses of the internet and the rapidly growing need for modern life by the banks also have started using the internet in their works. The banks are providing much services to their customers such as Mobile banking, Net banking, SMS banking, ATM etc. Such as with the uses of net banking and Mobile banking you can enjoy banking facility at your home. But, all of these features have also some drawbacks. While online banking or net banking promotes our banking facility, it also comes with various security risks. The online world brutalized with hacking and phishing attempt for hackers trying to break another person’s personal details and financial details so, the can put a dent in your bank account. Therefore, every user who uses online banking regularly, they should take some precautions, so they can protect their online banking.

In this Tutorial I am sharing some most important Tips for safe and secure online banking. So, follow given online safety tips for safe and secure online banking.

Visit for online banking by typing the Address
Always login for online banking by typing the URL in address bar, don’t login by clicking through email’s or SMS, because many hackers get into someone’s bank’s account by tracking a user into tracking the are logging into there account when they are realty not.

Create a strong password
If you are using online banking then the thing to keep in mind for it used to be strong password. To create a strong password, make password scoring at least 10 points with alphabets, numbers, special character and different capitalization. Ex – create password like Atf@1043.

Change Your Banking password Regularly
You are always changing your online banking password, at last every 3 months must change your online banking password.[related-posts]

Never click through your bank directly from an email
Don’t open for internet banking by clicking on links given in an e-mail. There are internet hackers sending mails with fraudulent web links that are designed exactly likes your bank’s original website. once you enter your login details on such websites, they may be used to access your account and steal your money.

Always Use Login OTP for Online Banking (if Available)
Almost all banks use OTP (one time password) for online banking transaction. That means, when the process of online transaction, the bank sends you a security number on your registered mobile number, after the verification of this security number the bank will complete your transaction. If this security feature is not started, then start it immediately.

Don’t Use public computer to Login for Online banking
To use cyber cafe or public place’s computer for Online banking privet information is prone to leaks. In situation of public computer to use your browsing history and Login Information can be track by a strangers and you can be a victim of online fraud. So, always use your personal computer to log-in for online banking.

Keep secure your computer and update it regularly
Security of your computer to avoid online fraud on the most wonderful instrument. so, keep your computer secure with best Computer security software and keep it and your computer update.

Some Common Habits Use Online Banking Safely

  • Don’t share your bank details with anyone
  • Keep Your computer up-to-date with Antivirus and a firewall installed
  • Be ware of unknown e-mails and phone calls asking your ATM PIN’s or Net banking password
  • Check your bank statement regularly, If you noticed anything strange then contact with your bank

Final Words
This was our article Tips For Safe and Secure Online Banking. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.



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