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Best new apps for your smartphone

Last week was all about Android, with Google unveiling a pair of new Nexus smartphones to act as flagships for its Marshmallow operating system – which begins its rollout next week – and we have quite the selection of apps for anyone who’s thinking about upgrading.

But you don’t have to be on Android to enjoy the latest edition of our apps round-up, as this week’s highlights include a cross-platform application that pools the audio output of all your devices, and the arrival of Google Keep on iOS.

Password Chef: Available on: iOS
Reports of hackers and data breaches making you paranoid? This app will give you peace of mind by supplying you with the kind of passwords that even Alan Turing would struggle to crack.

Password Chef has been specially designed to cook up letter and number sequences that form the basis of near-unguessable passwords, storing them on your device under the protection of a pin code.

As these passwords only exist locally on your device, you can rest easy knowing that cyber criminals are never going to get their grubby mitts on them.[related-posts]

Google Keep: Available on: iOS, Android
Google Keep is a popular app for taking notes that are easy on the eye. This week, it made the jump from Android to iOS to give Evernote a run for its money.

It lets users capture, edit, share, and collaborate on notes from any device on the go – and its arrival on iOS means users can work together across mobile platforms.

Google Keep is for you if the idea of text-only notes bores you. With this app, your random scribblings will be adorned with photos, colours and embedded audio clips.

Kibo: Available on: iOS
Kibo is a keyboard app for iPhone that adds extra layers of privacy and security to all of your correspondence.

Any messages typed on its digital keys can be locked away from prying eyes at the touch of a button and replaced with an innocuous phrase – only you and the recipient will have access to the underlying text.

It’s the kind of app that would come in useful if you happen to work for MI5, or failing that, you simply value privacy over all else.

Firefox Browser for Android: Available On: Android
Failing to provide freedom of choice on web browsers is the kind of thing that can get you sued – just ask Microsoft – but nobody can accuse Google of that.

The latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox has just touched down on Android, bringing with it a crop of new features for those who find Google Chrome isn’t everything they want it to be.

The new Firefox includes a quick-search feature, improved bookmark management with duplicate detection, and the option to open apps from browser links.

Tweetbot 4:Available on: iOS
If you think that the official Twitter app is the best way to experience the microblogging service on iOS, you’d be wrong.

Tweetbot is the best third-party Twitter client on the App Store, and the latest version makes it even better, with stylish new animations, an overhauled profile page, and a landscape mode.

Its headline feature is the new Activity tab, which collates all of your notifications into a single stream. Moreover, Tweetbot 4 is a universal app that syncs your timeline across iPhone, iPad and Mac.



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