Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google predicts that by the end of 2016, even the most remote areas of the world could have cheap Internet access through its Project Loon initiative.

The company is preparing to launch its next trial of the internet balloons in Indonesia and hopes to create a “ring” of the floating hotspots above Earth before the year ends.

Through its Project Loon initiative, this ring will include around 300 balloons designed to create a “continuous string around the world” that can provide web access even if one balloon moves in the wind.

The communication was revealed by Project Loon Vice President Mike Cassidy who said they hope to build next year the first continuous ring around the world and to have some sort of continuous coverage for certain regions.

In May last year, Google tested the Project Loon balloons in Piauí, Brazil, marking its first 4G experiments near the equator and in February 2014, the record streak for a balloon lasting in the stratosphere was 50 days while in March 2015, the record was 187 days.

Via: [Daily Times]