Software firm ThoughtWorks confirms closure of Kampala Office

Following rumors about the possible closure of the Kampala, Uganda office of ThoughtWorks, the company today issued a statement in which it confirmed that November 15th will be their last day in the country.

“ThoughtWorks mission in Africa is focused on creating a strong Pan-African culture, rather than any individual country focus,” read the statement in part.

“Our multi-pillar approach with a stronger social agenda than anywhere in the world remains in place and – while we will not have a physical office in Kampala – our team will still work to have impact across Africa,” the statement continues.


Founded in 1993, ThoughtWorks is a global software development and products company with its headquarters in Chicago, USA. The company is closely associated with the movement for agile software development, and has contributed to a range of open source products.

In Kampala the company developed solutions that were in some cases implemented globally.

The statement continues to say; “We have also contributed to several open source communities and are proud to have taken steps towards technology that is coded in Africa, for Africa, by Africans.”

The closure casts a shadow over Uganda’s software development sector and raises its questions about the market’s readiness and commercial viability of software-development related investments.

It was not immediately clear what the future of the employees of the Nakawa-based company will be.


Joshua Twinamasiko G

Josh is passionate about Cybersecurity in an increasingly digital, global economy. Digital Evangelist. #DigitalFirst. Always.
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