Person with credit card using a computer for internet shopping

Continental Money is a Provider of payments across borders 24/7 with secure money transfer solutions. Unrivaled exchange rates matched with competitive fee structure gives our customers value for money. International airtime top up and online purchase services are also available to Continental Money customers worldwide.

RemitONE is the world’s leading provider of growth-focused, money transfer platforms to banks, MTOs, Telcos and innovative startups. Headquartered in the UK with reseller offices across the globe, RemitONE deliver send-to-end money transfer solutions to empower money service businesses, enabling them to send and receive money flexibly via agents, ATMs, kiosks, mobile phones, prepaid cards and online portals. RemitONE also helps businesses acquire licenses and taps them into RemitONE’s global network of clients to rapidly expand their reach and realise business growth.

Continental Money’s customer-centric payments service will run on RemitONE’s proven platform that will ensure optimum security and AML compliance around the clock.

Commenting on this new partnership, Mr Aamer Abedi, EVP Marketing at RemitONE says, “Continental Money is a tech-savvy MTO that genuinely understands the needs of the customer and industry very well. We are excited to be working closely with Continental Money and look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

Mr Njuguna Kirubi, CEO of Continental Money Transfer says, “We are delighted to be associated with RemitONE. Their money transfer platform comes with sophisticated KYC and AML compliance features which are key pillars of our core business. In addition, the reliability of their system resonates well with our 24/7 online money services.”