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5 Technologies that are shaping the Future of Healthcare

Last Month, I was reading about a Smartphone Add-on that enables an individual test for HIV and get results in less than 15 minutes, without the need to look for nearby testing center.

I couldn’t help but imagine what the future has in stock for us concerning Healthcare systems.

In this Article, I want to look at the technologies that are going to impact greatly the Healthcare industry in the near future.

The cloud

Cloud services provide access to quality information in real-time scenarios and they also empower medical teams to be able to collaborate on projects even when they are on different continents.

As Internet penetration increases, more health based cloud services will be available for both research, collaboration, innovation and support of already existing platforms.


As of now, one of the greatest innovations to this date is 3D printing. A small Clinic in a rural area with the help of a 3D printer can be able to print a prosthetic limb for an individual, which previously would have required shipping and back and forth movements.

What is required right now is to know the size and specifications and within a week, an individual has a new limb!

Wearable Devices

Previously, in order to know the health status of an individual, you had to be hooked to plenty of hospital machinery. Thanks to wearable’s, you can now get a quick diagnostics check ranging from Temperature, to heart pulse, a quick signs and symptoms check and an overview of what may be going on in your body.

There are now pills which can be swallowed and remotely triggered to release a required hormone into the body at specific intervals, eliminating the need for injections and constant reminders.

More Mobile Apps

Healthcare apps are not going to stop now, expect better and more detail driven apps in the near future. As Smartphones and Wearable’s become more available, so will apps aimed at healthcare increase.

Looking at what technology did for Neil Harbisson who was born completely color blind. His life changed when he decided to have an antenna surgically implanted into his skull that enabled him to “hear” color.

As more innovations come into play the blind will be able to see through technology.

Robotic operations

Advancement in the robotics field, have enabled remote access to places the human hand cannot teach. Theatres manned by robots are on the way, do not be afraid in case a machine is asked to perform a surgery on you. Just remember that I warned you

This list does not exhaust all the technologies that are improving the health Industry, since it is a big field, but let them be a guide to help you embrace the developments.


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