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WhatsApp Web Is A New Threat To The Work Environment

The world is going mobile, yes and we all agree because everyone wants to buy a smartphone. We have previously been using WhatsApp on our phones and it was working out really well but in the work environment we have really been distracted a lot from our computers(which still rule the work environment) because a notification came in our phones.

When Facebook launched WhatsApp Web, I was very reluctant to install it because I knew the experience was definitely better on mobile compared to the web. I was wrong about this assumption because ever since I started using it on the web I totally don’t like to use my phone anymore.

The Whatsapp web experience is going to take over the work environment mainly because when you are busy working and a WhatsApp notification comes on, probably your phone is in silent mode, probably it vibrates and you have to shift from the computer to the phone but your boss is watching.

In such cases is when the Whatsapp web is very relevant at work, because ever since I launched it, I have not used my phone to send Whatsapp texts unless am in a taxi going home in which case mobile still rules.

The Work Environment

WhatsApp Web now let’s you be interrupted every time a notification comes on and this takes us back to the days when employees where criticized for opening up Facebook in work hours.

I think WhatsApp is going to be worse because I personally fancy the web experience these days better than the Mobile, because I can now type faster than all my friends with the help of a physical peripheral keyboard which makes me even more addicted to using WhatsApp during work hours.

There is always a cost people have to pay when they move from one form factor to the other, and in this case we are moving from the small touch screens to the big laptop/desktop screens meaning we can pretend we are working when we are actually texting.

In the end the employers are going to pay for this move from mobile to web, but as a blogger I totally like the way Facebook has challenged the shift from Desktop to Mobile and show us that we still should care about social media on the web.

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Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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