Oiland GasThe Government of Trinidad and Tobago has pledged to continue training Ugandans in the oil and gas field, the New Vision reports

This was revealed by high commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Edwards, who was speaking at celebrations to mark his country’s 52nd independence anniversary held at his residence on Mbuya hill in Kampala.

He said his country had trained 103 Ugandan students and 11 instructors from Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba in oil and gas technology.

“We are ready and willing to train more,” he said.

Trinidad and Tobago opened a resident mission in Uganda in 2007. Bilateral relations between the two countries have grown since. They expressed interest through the African Energy Initiative Policy, to provide training opportunities for Uganda to develop her human resource expertise in the oil field.

Edwards reported that seven officers from Uganda Revenue Authority recently returned from one-week tour in oil and gas revenue management from Trinidad and Tobago.

He said his country was also working with Uganda to secure the services of doctors, nurses and other skilled technical personnel in the medical field to support its expanding health sector. “

We have invited the private and public sectors to tender for projects in Trinidad and Tobago, carry out a facility audit of our energy sector, as well as for projects in the telecommunication sector,” Edwards said.

Speaking at the event, Eng. Irene Muloni, the minister for energy and mineral development, expressed gratitude for the training of the 103 technicians.

The minister said Uganda was ready to support and honour the request by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for about 263 health professionals to strengthen the latter’s health services.

“As developing countries we share common challenges and interests in the drive towards the socio-economic development and advancement of our countries,” Muloni said.

“Our mutual and reciprocal support in both the bilateral and multilateral spheres is among the factors which constitute the basis of our relations, not only between our governments, but also with the grassroots of our society.”

“These exchanges of delegations have since been enhanced and extended to cover other sectors like education, culture, sports, energy, oil and gas, among others,” Muloni said.

The minister also thanked the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the support extended to Hon. Sam Kutesa, the minister of foreign affairs on his election as president of the UN General Assembly.

“We continue to count on the support of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the other member countries of the UN on his agenda under the theme Delivering on and implementing a Transformation.

Source: New Vision