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Quiz: What Browser Is Best For You

Looking for a new browsing experience? Feel like in need of a change? Just eager to know whether you and your browser make a perfect couple? No matter what made you decide to click on the title and see what’s inside, you won’t be disappointed.
Here is a test, which, basing on your browsing and not-only preferences, will prompt you which browser is best for you.


1. What do you use your browser for?
a) Checking on Facebook.
b) Playing online games.
c) Downloading stuff, streaming.
d) Well, browsing, you know? Looking for information, improving myself.


2. Have you ever thought of using any browsers but for the one you are using now?


a) I have never thought other browsers exist.
b) I have tried several browsers and now I am using the one that has proved to be the best for me.
c) I change my browser every few months just for fun.
d) I use several browsers for different purposes.


3. Do you like trying new things? I’d ask more: do you consider yourself risky?


a) Go away with your new things man. I am as conservative as the “Downton Abbey” characters.
b) Yes, I like trying out new things. I am so liberal and progressive you know. Wait…you mean changing my BROWSER?
c) I love changes! I begin to feel myself old when I don’t try anything new every now and then.
d) Well, I could try something new. Sometimes.


4. Do you follow trends?
a) Should I?
b) Yes I like everything in trend and fashion.
c) I am a hipster and my own trendsetter.
d) Am I still on a browser test?


5. What OS do you use most of all?
a) Windows
b) Android
c) Mac OS
d) Linux


6. What kind of design appeals to your most?


a) Rococo
b) Pop art
с) Minimalism
d) Functional design


7. Have you ever dreamed of downloading online videos?


a) I’ve never thought of it…Is there a way?
b) Watching online is OK for me.
c) Yes! Tell me how!
d) Never! Do you know it might be illegal?


8. Do you download torrents? If yes – then how often?


a) Torrents? What’s that?
b) Well sometimes I do.
c) Almost every day.
d) I have downloaded it once and got to prison for that.


9. Do you take any steps towards securing your online privacy?


a) Well I’ve covered the web cam on my laptop with a plaster. Does it count?
b) I am deeply concerned about my online privacy, but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.
c) Yes, I have a firewall on my computer turned on, and the latest version of my anti-virus software too.
d) I use proxy, VPN for safe browsing when using a public network. I check websites’ URLs for HTTPS. I connect to unprotected networks only when I really need to. Anything else I could do?


10. Do you use browser across several devices or only on your desktop?
a) I am an 80-year old granny and I use browser only on my home computer.
b) I use browser on both my home computer, my Mac at work, my Android tablet and my iPhone. Yes. Take that.
c) I use browser on my home computer and on my Mac at work.
d) Yes, I use browsers across several devices, but I don’t really care for it to be the same browser, if you that’s why you are asking.


Most answers are a) Your browser is Internet explorer:
Internet Explorer (IE) was first released in 1995 with Windows 95. It comes with Windows by default that’s why IE remains the most distributed browser in the world and rubs shoulders with the leaders on the market. Internet Explorer has obviously had its ups and downs, but the latest IE 11 version is stable, secure and boasts various performance improvements. The latter include website’s navigation improvements with features like Pre-fetch and Pre-render for faster load times. The modern “Flip Ahead” for touch screens got also improved so now when you move forward to the next page, IE keeps the previous page in the background in case you want to click back to it.
So if IE turned out to be your browser it might give you some unexpected (or maybe not) character reference. You believe that those who spend half of their lives online are missing real life and real experience. You are almost a total offliner, a music teacher or your kids already have kids. You might as well be a Microsoft employee. Jokes aside, you just use a browser for most common things: like look up Wikipedia for something, watching a YouTube vid from time to time, chat in social networks, read the news. Internet explorer has significantly improved its image lately, so there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have the most of a) answers.
Most answers are b) Your browser is Opera:
Opera browser was first publicly released in 1996 and remains one of the most popular browsers in the world (especially its mobile version). Opera’s main page is called Speed dial page which acts like a home page where you can set the websites most visited by you. Second page is called Stash and contains the websites (grouped vertically) which you have favorited. The third page is called Discover. It takes you to the News page. Opera supports mouse gestures, has competitive navigation speed and works across all platforms and devices. It is particularly handy on mobile and Opera Mini is available on practically every mobile phone (gently called Basic phones). Opera runs on Google Chromium system. The latest stable version is Opera 25. It has added overall stability and speed improvements as well as bookmarking improvements. Now Opera can display them as text lines that highlight the name of the page and address, or as thumbnail images.
So if your browser is Opera, you must be an all-around active person, who owns several devices/laptops and prefers unified solution across all of them. So you must be always on the run, texting your friend with one hand, and talking to your boss with the headset on while screening the news on your laptop. You might as well be coming from the Eastern Europe. Why so? Surprisingly enough Opera proves itself to be the most popular browser either in Ukraine, or in Belarus. You prefer not to go into extremes, to have a reliable browser with a nice page load speed and convenient and somehow unconventional interface.
Most answers are c) Your browser is Citrio:
Most respondents who have passed the test see this browser for the first time. Actually Citrio hasn’t been around earlier than 2013. There is not much information about it on the Net so if you happen to download Citrio it means you’ve been looking in the places where common people don’t pass by. Citrio is a young, lightweight Chromium-based browser. It boasts several unique features like download manager with inbuilt download accelerator, torrent manager, proxy switcher and media grabber. Its interface looks fresh and clean, well in keeping with the best traditions of Google Chrome. Citrio downloads several files times faster than other browsers, so it is a perfect browser for those who download a lot from Internet. Citrio is available for Windows and Mac.
So if your browser is Citrio, you are sure to like everything new, fresh and rare. Citrio is exactly for those who don’t defer to authority and love making their own mistakes. You’re indie-minded, do not fall back on reviews (because there are not many Citrio reviews on the Net) and make original decisions. Most probably, if you like something – you strive to own it. That explains the fact that you are a heavy downloader. You’re not OK with watching the YouTube video you’ve loved on repeat online. You prefer to download it to your computer and watch it…well, on repeat too, but offline.
Most answers are d) Your browser is Tor 
Tor is a browser which is all about privacy and online security. Initially released around 2002 Tor remains one of the best solutions for anonymous web browsing. All your browsing activities in Tor go through the Tor network made up from computer servers of thousands of volunteers around the world. In result the party on the other end of the connection can’t trace the traffic back to you. All information on your browsing (like your IP address, your browser type, the websites you visit, etc) is protected and your identity remains concealed from the rest of the world. Tor’s interface is functional, its intentions clear.
If your browser is Tor, you are a serious, goal-oriented person, concerned about your online privacy. Most probably, you are an “advanced user” who is aware of all the jeopardies that the global network is hiding and take all possible precautions to save yourself from it. Or, you are doing something bad on the Net and try to keep low profile. The last option – you are a seasoned Internet user who uses several browsers each for its own purpose. And Tor is your chosen solution in cases you need extra privacy.
Article By: Victoria Ivey, A Journalism Graduate and Freelance Tech Writer.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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