Microsoft stoping windows 7 Mainstream support

microsoftAre you a windows user? Microsoft has warned users that the mainstream support for all Windows 7 versions is ending in the next half year. After that Microsoft will provide extended support for the OS. Besides Windows 7, also Office 2010 SP1 and all Windows Server 2008 versions are affected.

Mainstream support means that the company will continue to supply free security updates and patches but will no longer add new features.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 Start, Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise stops at January 13th 2015. This also includes  N variants of the OS and whether Service Pack 1 is installed is irrelevant for the end of support. The extended support period ends at January 14th 2020. Although that’s far into the future, many systems are currently running Windows 7 and  recent events around Windows XP have learned us that it might bring companies and governments in trouble.

In April this year, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP leaving a huge amount of computers of governments and companies vulnerable to security issues. Users found a way to install patches meant for a version of Windows XP used for cash registers and several antivirus companies announced they’ll continue to release software to protect XP. Nevertheless, Microsoft will no longer patch the OS, leaving it open to malware developers.

Mainstream support of Office 2010 Service Pack 1 ends at October 14th this year and Windows Server 2008 support ends at the same date as Windows 7, which is January 13th 2015. Between the end of all support of XP and Windows 7, there is also another Windows version of which support completely ends. Microsoft will cease support for Windows Vista on April 11th 2017.

Windows 8 users have till 2023 before Microsoft ends the support of that OS.

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