Songza_2961420bUS-based, human-curated music streaming service Songza has been bought by Google  for a reported $39m.

The streming service provides music playlists for users that are personalised depending on their location, the time of day and even the weather.

Users can listen to playlists created specifically for being at work, driving or even esoteric situations like “being single”.

It has a huge database of information on listening habits and how they change depending on context – something which could be immensely valuable to Google.

The service was launched in 2007 with the unique proposition of human-curated playlists, while other services were looking at automated recommendation features. At various points it has had musicians and Rolling Stone writers selecting music. However, it has never launched outside the US and Canada.

It can be used for free, with advertising, or you can choose to pay $0.99 a week for the premium service to remove them.

Source: Telegraph