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Flopsy Droid: First Game On Android Wear

How Flopsy Droid looks on the LG G Watch
How Flopsy Droid looks on the LG G Watch

Gaming just got to Android Wear devices, yes and the first game to hit the play store is Flopsy Droid which is a clone of Flappy Birds but with a Droid instead of a bird.

Created by a German Android developer Sebastian Mauer, Flopsy Droid is a fun experimental game which was created to help developers learn how to develop Android Apps and it’s source code can be found on Github, awesome right?

I have played with the game a bit on my LG G watch and I must say for the first game on Android wear, am impressed. The game can be started either by Opening the app normally on your watch or by opening it on the phone, all options worked fine for me, the game doesn’t crush but the small thing I would like to change is the vibration, I wish I could disable it with my watch mute feature.

Well, “Great Job” Sebastian for adding a little life to my watch and for making the code open source, I was tired of only reading notifications and am thrilled to see what other Gaming developers are going to come up with.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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