App to help you calculate the Bride Price of your fiancee created!

bRIDEPRICELooks like technology is becoming part of  our every day lifestyles and soon, we will not be able to do live without it!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Bride Price App, a web application which enables one to calculate how much in terms of cash and physical appearance you can pay for your bride.

The new app can help women know how much they are worth so they can “charge” their future husbands accordingly. It can also be used by men and prospective husbands to gauge how much their in-laws will expect in terms of bride price ones a person requests for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

The Brideprice app enables a lady to find the true value of her worth or bride price as well as gauge or calculate that of friends and enemies alike.

Users are taken through various questions which come with multiple answers, each with a corresponding value in Naira.

The questions range from the bride’s physical appearance to education level. Once the final question has been answered, the elders go into consultation (the app calculates the lady’s worth in monetary terms), and just like that, the worth of your future bride is revealed.

On the first page the user is given an option to either check the bride price for one’s self or to check the bride price for a friend or an enemy.

The categories that describe the brides include, height, weight, leg shape, facial beauty, skin colour, facial quality, teeth colour, residency, nationality, highest education level attained, cooking skills, employment, body art, accent and a bonus question. In each category, you are given a few options which have a quoted virtual amount in Naira.

Once you are done, and you submit the end results , the elders go into consultation and eventually give the answers. The app gives you an option to share the final results on facebook and twitter platforms.

Hower, there is a disclaimer, The developers of the app caution everyone on the disclaimer page stating:

‘We are responsible for optimal performance of this app, but we are not responsible for what you do with it. This app is a joke, and all there is to it…”

If you are a lady and want to know your worth, feel free to try it out.

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