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Twitter rolling out a brand new user profile redesign

Twitter has  today launched a complete profile redesign on the Web, featuring a photo-focused layout reminiscent of Facebook and Google+.

The social network announced the news on the Today show this morning. You can see the new design live on here.

Designer David Bellona shares that the new Web profiles will feature a larger profile photo, a header photo, and the ability to pin your favorite tweets to the top of your profile. That pinning feature lets your see what you’re all about. It also creates a significantly better profile experience for brands, allowing them to promote themselves more effectively on the network.

screen-shot-2014 TWITTER

The new profiles are available today but only to a small group of users. However, if you’re completely new to Twitter – as in, you sign-up today, you’ll kick off n with the new profile from the get go. For everyone else, you’ll be getting yours over the coming weeks.

Credit: TNW


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