Somali men parade as members of al Shabaab in the capital Mogadishu

cord-cutting-wireless_article_fullInternet access in Al Shabaab-controlled areas of central and southern Somalia have been cut off from the internet.

This is because Telcos have heeded to an order by the militant group to shut off any internet services to their customers given 15 days ago despite the government having urged telcos to ignore the directive.

Residents in these areas reported missing signals even as the militia was spotted checking mobile phones for any internet connections in areas they control. Al Shabaab militants also entered telecom companies and ordered them to shut down internet provision.

Negotiations with the group’s command at the district level to reverse the orders had not been positive with the order believed to have originated from militant group’s top command.

The order, the group says, is as a result of spies using the internet and smartphones to relay their operations. The outfit had also said that the internet was leading to immorality and thus was deemed as fit.

For now the country’s main internet providers Hormuud Telecom and Nationlink remain shut with no prediction as to how long the ban will last.

Source: CIO